The clients we partner with are technology or technology-enabled businesses, leveraging talent to grow through innovation and collaboration. They include high growth start-ups and established multinationals undergoing transformations in sectors such as fintech, healthtech, and professional services across the UK, Europe, and the US.

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We provide a full range of talent solutions. Where the need is for permanent headcount, our solutions include contingent hiring of single candidates, new team builds, and our Talent on Demand product for periods of high-volume recruitment. We represent experienced and skilled professionals with a background in technology, finance and accounting, risk and compliance, HR and talent, commercial management, sales and marketing, and legal.

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Experienced client partners are allocated to each new client and act as a single point of contact for all their recruitment needs. The client partner is supported by a team of talent consultants. This team identify, build, and engage with a network of candidates from which they will select a shortlist suitable for your specific requirements.

Your client partner will oversee the entire recruitment process, from agreeing the requirements, through to preparation of the shortlist, the interview process, offer management, and onboarding.

This approach allows the client partner to develop a deep understanding of your market, environment, and the profiles of candidates that will flourish within it. Their aim is to become your trusted recruiting partner, saving you time and eliminating risk.

Talent on Demand

Occasionally there are times where the volume of your hiring needs simply overwhelms your existing process. Talent on Demand is a product designed to help you get your hiring plans back on track within a defined time frame and budget.

It provides a fully agile recruiting support on a per project basis. We allocate a team of between one and six consultants for a transparent fixed monthly fee. There are no agency fees, no long-term commitments, and no employee costs.

This solution allows you to scale up your own talent acquisition capability when you need it with no long-term commitment, as well as providing you and your team with access to our network and expertise. If you are experiencing difficulties with the scale of your hiring challenge, we would love to help – contact for more information.

Specialist Talent, specialist skills

We partner with businesses to build and develop their business-critical teams to drive innovation and collaboration and power their growth.

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Specialist Talent?

  • We will act as your brand ambassador, promoting your opportunities to a diverse network of skilled and experienced professionals.
  • We will identify and engage with candidates that match your specific requirements, whether you need permanent or interim resource.
  • Our client partners provide expert support, leveraging their sector knowledge to offer a range of solutions to support your own processes as you build world class teams.

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